Michael Durso is running for the New York State Assembly to represent Long Island’s working-class families. As a husband and father that works two jobs to make ends meet, Michael knows firsthand the struggles families face in affording the high cost of living on Long Island. Michael wants to be their voice in Albany, a voice that has long been forgotten. Whether it’s working to reduce the burden of unfair taxation on the working class, expanding education and technical training to improve wages and job growth or being a strong advocate to make sure our veterans and first responders are protected - no one will fight harder than Michael Durso.

If Long Islanders are looking for someone to fight for them in Albany, it helps to have someone who’s one of them.  Michael grew up in a blue-collar family in Massapequa Park.  At an early age, Michael learned the importance of hard-work while helping his mother earn ends-meet at her small restaurant.  Teaching Michael the value of starting work early and staying late, his father worked the supermarket deli counter to support their family and rose through the ranks to become President of RWDSU Local Union 338 and the Long Island Federation of Labor.  With the work ethic of his parents, Michael started his adult career putting in a hard day’s work as a sanitation worker riding on the back of a truck.  Today, Michael serves as a sanitation supervisor and helps to implement environmental policies that increase recycling initiatives.  He is a proud member of CSEA Local 881.  Like many other struggling families on Long Island, Michael works a second job as a Public Safety Officer at Hofstra University in Hempstead, where his duties include helping protect students on campus.  He has seen firsthand the dangers students face and knows the importance of strong criminal justice laws. Michael is also a member of the Teamsters Local 553 and served on the bargaining unit during the last contract.

As a State Assemblyman, Michael will work across the aisle to protect the STAR program, keep property tax rebate checks and increase funding for local schools.  Funding for these important programs are in jeopardy thanks to a backwards agenda in Albany.  As a graduate of carpentry from BOCES in Levittown, Michael will advocate for additional funding for vocational programs to train our youth and to fill the shortage of skilled labor.  As our State representative, Michael will always stand shoulder to shoulder with our police, firefighters, doctors, nurses and frontline workers. As a certified first responder, Michael understands the importance of securing the resources needed to keep our communities safe.

Michael Durso resides in Massapequa Park with his wife, Dana, and their two daughters, Nicole and Taylor.  Dana serves as Trustee for the Village of Massapequa Park and PTA President for East Lake Elementary School.